Recycling Oil Saves the Environment

When it comes to unique environmental achievement, the ROSE Foundation is on the top level. No other industry has seen the key players voluntarily form and finance an organisation to solve an environmental problem.

The ROSE Foundation has been used as a prototype for lubricant industries in the rest of the world.... New Zealand, Columbia, Kenya, and by the United Nations based Basel Convention. All these countries regard this Foundation as an example for the management of used oil.

They encourage other industries in South Africa - such as the plastic bottle, oil filter, tyre and insecticide manufacturers - to form similar organisations and help make the environment better for everyone.


Visit ROSE Foundation on the web at www.rosefoundation.org.za
Contact ROSE Foundation
021 - 448 7492
Suite A 9, Waverley Court, 7 Kotzee Rd, Mowbray, 7700

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